“Some buildings come to belong, in a most intense way, to the people who establish a relationship with them, as they might establish a relationship with the mountains, trees, a city: they invest love in them, accommodate in their vision their proportions, reclaim them, inhabit them in their physics, use them as reference points and symbols, and live in relation to them, taking full possession… 

The building he (Fariborz Sahba) created evokes a similar intensity of response; viewing it we are cogently engaged with the structure; it makes demands on us; it invites us to expand all percep- tion of ourselves, our fellows, our creator.’



Fariborz Sahba, received a Master’s degree in architecture in 1972 from the School of Fine Arts in Tehran University. As head of the design teams of various architectural firms in Iran, he was involved in the design of a wide range of prestigious buildings.

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